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7/6/09 Twi-Tweets

awwww, we love Kellan.  ๐Ÿ™‚

A-FREAKING-MEN to the woman who wrote that!

I think we will end it on that note tonight.


7/05/09 Twi-Tweets AM

July 4th, 2009 Twi-Tweets

Happy 4th to our American friends!  Just one update today because there is family fun and fireworks planned for tonight!  Be safe!

Yes, it’s true.  Read this please: Verified Twitter information for Twilight actors.

Wasn’t thrilled when she was cast.  Seems to main stream.  I guess we’ll see how she does.  She can’t ruin the whole movie right?

7/03/09 Twi-Tweets

Probably won’t get a second edition out tonight.  Plans for the 4th of July weekend.  Have a great weekend and Happy 4th if you’re in the US!  Be safe!

They are spitting those movies out man.  Not that I mind.  I think I’ll just go through withdrawal when it comes to an end.  Stephenie, we need more!  More we beg of you?  Surely something else could happen after Breaking Dawn?  Please please?  With a cherry on top?

Wonder if Jennie ever thought her husband would agree to a bikini……on him!

We โค Harry Potter too!  Cannot wait for the new movie!!!

Team Jasper anyone?

VOTE VOTE VOTE!  We want Jessica!

7/2/09 Twi-Tweets

7/2/09 Twi-Tweets AM

Ok Spank, what happened while we were sleeping?  Now we have to go catch up again.  Swear, ya leave the computer and something happens every time.  ๐Ÿ™‚

No connection to Twilight, just spit coffee all over monitor.  LOL

See that just makes me giggle.  I’m all for Robsten, but something tells me Rob is going to be attached to all of his leading ladies by the mags.  It sells issues for them.  How do we know it’s real with Robsten?  Is it because the mags say so?  Cuz they say so about Emilie and him too.  Where’s the truth man?  Where’s the truth?  I know, the evidence all points to Robsten.  I’m cool either way.  Just be happy Rob, that’s truly all you’re fans care about, you could be dating Oscar the Grouch, if you’re happy, it’s all good.  What a visual that was.

7/1/09 Twi-Tweets PM

  • FleuryInJail Come on peeps!! Get into the spirit of getting @peterfacinelli as many followers are asbolutely possible!! Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

Paging Ashton, Paging Ashton Kutcher we need your followers all over here.  LOL

Don’t worry Taylor!

As soon as you turn 18 I’m sure you’ll have a legion of women after you too!

Right now they’re just sitting back and waiting patiently!


Awww!  We agree!  I never thought I’d hear anyone ever describe Taylor as desperate.  Not with those abs he had going on.  Remembering I’m old enough to be hid mother if I started young enough.  You’ll do just fine honey.