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7/9/09 Twi-Tweets

  • Sorry there was no update this morning.  Internet connection has been funny today.  😦  Did I miss anything?  anyone else fake pregnant?
  • dioriadore @peterfacinelli all these exclusives are tempting me to get ur iphone app! ahhh
  • mrpattinson Twilight Stars Heads For Going For Comic Con http://bit.ly/qNhEm
  • AmberRMW Okay, just saw Rob TMZ clip. No, I do not love Rob because he plays Edward. Yes, I do love Rob for Rob. Deal wit it!
  • gcgoncJailed how sexy is Edward playing the piano??? **drooling**
  • peterfacinelli I posted an exclusive message to my iphone app. http://tinyurl.com/peter211
  • TheAliceHale *walking back down stairs* Hello!! Anybody around??
  • twilightinsider @twilightinsider : Breaking Dawn Movie to Stay Adult and Edgy Like Book?: According to Ted Ca.. http://kl.am/1hNP
  • rpattzproject OK OK, seriously now.. there’s an #RPattz dream w/my name on it as soon as I’m done working on my FF 2nite. Gnite & ❤ #RPattz luv 2all :O)
  • TwiGossipGirl they r confusing him with Edward…TRUE and SO NOT TRUE… HELLO its Rob he is so F’IN HOT!!! *fanning myself*
  • TwiGossipGirl OK watching TMZ now and they r talkin bout Rob & the screamin girls they ask how did that happen…they say girls not in touch with reality
  • Vamp_Pattinson TWI~QUESTION; Who of the elders that were left remember about the change?
  • rpattzproject US Weekly magazine hits stands Friday (tomorrow) with the outtakes from the Dossier/Rolling Stone photo shoot.. OMG!!!! #RPattz
  • SpankRansom @Ginger_Swan Okay, we’re late to @TheEsmeCullen and @TheDrCullen‘s house so I am going to drive like a Cullen, okay? Put your seatbelt on.
  • twilightus May or may not be back tonite, so I leave you with this! ENJOY! http://bit.ly/3qtlB

That was nice!  Can’t wait to see him sparkle!

Happy Birthday Spank!!


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