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7/7/09 Twi-Tweets PM

I’m having trouble loading bit URL’s right now, so I hope these lead somewhere for you guys!

ROFL  EWWWWWW!  Bear poo?  That could not have been fun.  Thank goodness for extra shoes!

  • jailedecnurse87 Follow my favorite doctor @peterfacinelli & his new show @NurseJackieTV xx
  • TheRCullen @SpankRansom I’ve offered already! I shall keep my eye out…although, I am a lady, so I might have to be discreet about my smackdowns!
  • foreverswt16 omg, just remembered earlier today…went out with six year old daughter. She told everyone at the checkout that I wanted to “do” Rpatz!
  • KStew411 Time for some new mag covers. OK is running with Michael Jackson, but “Kristen says goodbye” is a story: http://tinyurl.com/m3wb7m

Ok, what is wrong with our stores?  I just went to Walmart and there were no new magazines yet.  What’s up with that???

Look what they are doing to him!  The psycho fans!  Now he doesn’t want to be in the good ol’ USA because they are nuts.  Ruin it for the rest of us why don’t they?  And the ones who need to read that either won’t or they won’t see themselves as the problem if they do read it. 😦

I LOVE that!  Toothless banjo players.  *sigh*  My life is so boring.  LOL

Holy cow.  If I could draw like that I would pack that and myself up in a box and express mail it to Taylor!


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