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7/14/09 Twi-Tweets PM

One of the best I’ve seen!


7/14/09 Twi-Tweets AM

ARGH!  Almost done and my computer crashed.  Not cool.  Don’t know why Windows Live Writer didn’t save it as a draft at all either.  Here we go again.

Wonder who would win?  Boy wizard or the sparkly one?


Whoever had the idea behind this shoot should be hung by their toe nails.


Kind of want one, but not for that price.  I’m not quite that obsessed.  LOL

Oh no she isn’t!  LOL

My son is counting down the days to Potterville.  🙂

You said super secret (twitter)  ROFL  That just made me giggle.  Not sure why.  Let us repeat – Kristen has NO Twitter account.  All out there are fake fake fake fake.  (Let’s repeat that for someone else – ROB has NO Twitter account.  All out there are fake fake fake fake!  FAKE!)


7/9/09 Twi-Tweets

  • Sorry there was no update this morning.  Internet connection has been funny today.  😦  Did I miss anything?  anyone else fake pregnant?
  • dioriadore @peterfacinelli all these exclusives are tempting me to get ur iphone app! ahhh
  • mrpattinson Twilight Stars Heads For Going For Comic Con http://bit.ly/qNhEm
  • AmberRMW Okay, just saw Rob TMZ clip. No, I do not love Rob because he plays Edward. Yes, I do love Rob for Rob. Deal wit it!
  • gcgoncJailed how sexy is Edward playing the piano??? **drooling**
  • peterfacinelli I posted an exclusive message to my iphone app. http://tinyurl.com/peter211
  • TheAliceHale *walking back down stairs* Hello!! Anybody around??
  • twilightinsider @twilightinsider : Breaking Dawn Movie to Stay Adult and Edgy Like Book?: According to Ted Ca.. http://kl.am/1hNP
  • rpattzproject OK OK, seriously now.. there’s an #RPattz dream w/my name on it as soon as I’m done working on my FF 2nite. Gnite & ❤ #RPattz luv 2all :O)
  • TwiGossipGirl they r confusing him with Edward…TRUE and SO NOT TRUE… HELLO its Rob he is so F’IN HOT!!! *fanning myself*
  • TwiGossipGirl OK watching TMZ now and they r talkin bout Rob & the screamin girls they ask how did that happen…they say girls not in touch with reality
  • Vamp_Pattinson TWI~QUESTION; Who of the elders that were left remember about the change?
  • rpattzproject US Weekly magazine hits stands Friday (tomorrow) with the outtakes from the Dossier/Rolling Stone photo shoot.. OMG!!!! #RPattz
  • SpankRansom @Ginger_Swan Okay, we’re late to @TheEsmeCullen and @TheDrCullen‘s house so I am going to drive like a Cullen, okay? Put your seatbelt on.
  • twilightus May or may not be back tonite, so I leave you with this! ENJOY! http://bit.ly/3qtlB

That was nice!  Can’t wait to see him sparkle!

Happy Birthday Spank!!

7/08/09 Twi-Tweets

Well, that was a nice pic to wake up too.  Yummy!


So in the end, for all we know Rob is sleeping with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred and Kristen curls up around a much loved and mangled Cabbage Patch doll.  Hmm…maybe the bear and the Cabbage Patch Doll are getting it on?

Excellent deductions or real though!

7/7/09 Twi-Tweets PM

I’m having trouble loading bit URL’s right now, so I hope these lead somewhere for you guys!

ROFL  EWWWWWW!  Bear poo?  That could not have been fun.  Thank goodness for extra shoes!

  • jailedecnurse87 Follow my favorite doctor @peterfacinelli & his new show @NurseJackieTV xx
  • TheRCullen @SpankRansom I’ve offered already! I shall keep my eye out…although, I am a lady, so I might have to be discreet about my smackdowns!
  • foreverswt16 omg, just remembered earlier today…went out with six year old daughter. She told everyone at the checkout that I wanted to “do” Rpatz!
  • KStew411 Time for some new mag covers. OK is running with Michael Jackson, but “Kristen says goodbye” is a story: http://tinyurl.com/m3wb7m

Ok, what is wrong with our stores?  I just went to Walmart and there were no new magazines yet.  What’s up with that???

Look what they are doing to him!  The psycho fans!  Now he doesn’t want to be in the good ol’ USA because they are nuts.  Ruin it for the rest of us why don’t they?  And the ones who need to read that either won’t or they won’t see themselves as the problem if they do read it. 😦

I LOVE that!  Toothless banjo players.  *sigh*  My life is so boring.  LOL

Holy cow.  If I could draw like that I would pack that and myself up in a box and express mail it to Taylor!

7/7/09 Twi-Tweets AM

Read them all before the movie, BUT I’m getting a Kindle 2 this week and I don’t care if I have the book versions, the eversions are going on that too.  Take Twilight with me wherever I go.

You know, we’d probably watch it, just to see who would have the gall to think they could fill Rob’s shoes or Taylor’s or Kristen’s.

I want Rachelle’s hair.  For real.  Whose hair looks that pretty playing baseball? 

ROFL  Something tells me I won’t be reading that to my 5 year old.  But I sure enjoyed it.  LOL

Lived in the white ones in high school. Loved them!